Floating Man Festival is coming soon

The early-bird pricing ends on the 23rd of July. Have you ever considered visiting Liberland or attending a summer festival? If your answer to either of those is yes, you should check out our Floating Man Festival taking place from August 4th to the 14th.


We have wide range of accommodation options available.

About us

As the largest eco-village in the region, ARK RESORT presents an ideal getaway from the urban everyday life, with a goal of providing you with a healthy, green lifestyle.

Based on the principles of circular economy, environmental protection, innovative green technologies and with constant progression, this eco-village is the perfect choice when it comes to investing in the future of you and your family.


We are located just 200 km from Belgrade and around 45 km from EU (Bački Breg). The ARK Resort is tucked in a rural area, surrounded by forests and fields, it’s short distance from Novi Sad, Sombor and several cities makes it the premier location for a quiet life or a weekend getaway.

House Offer

Our offer consists of different modern shaped houses in a variety of sizes. By purchasing a house in this eco-village you also get a fenced yard with green space. Modernly equipped, with the principles of ecological construction, the houses have smart systems, heat pumps for heating and cooling, power is supplied via solar energy, the possibility of an outdoor or indoor pool, and other benefits.

50 m² – 250 m² House size

Cozy yard space with natural pool, orchard, arboretum or flower gardens...


Purchasing a house in this Eco-village gets you 2 hectares of lake, as well as 5 hectares of shared arboretum with walking paths filled with various facilities and content (sports fields, playrooms, horse stables, restaurants, a wellness and spa center, shared parking, reception, and much more).

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Interested in living in ARK eco-village, or investing in a property to rent out with our reception and maintenance services?

Request a detailed offer containing prices, house plans, and additional details about the project via the contact form below.

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